California Country Club Course Tour - Click on hole number below to view
California Country Club - Hole 1 | Par 5
Blue White Gold Red
506 yds 503 yds 501 yds 501 yds

Par 5, 506 yards. Dog-leg left with 3 fairway bunker's , a well struck tee shot into the wind gives you a great chance to get on in two. Otherwise a well-played second shot will allow for a short iron into large green sloping back to front.
CCC - Hole 2 | Par 3
Blue White Gold Red
151 yds 141 yds 129 yds 129 yds

Par 3, 151 yards. Short iron shot to a small well- bunkered green. Be sure to get your tee shot to the center off the green for the best chance at par. A miss left could result in an OB shot and a miss right could leave you with a tough pitch over a deep bunker.
CCC - Hole 3 | Par 4
Blue White Gold Red
356 yds 344 yds 323 yds 323 yds

Par 4, 356 yards. One of the shorter par 3s on the course. Straight- forward tee shot with a tree lined fairway and the wind at your back, well placed lay- up or drive could leave you with a good chance at birdie. This green has subtle undulations with a false front and is well guarded with bunkers to the right and left.
CCC - Hole 4 | Par 4
Blue White Gold Red
461 yds 448 yds 438 yds 438 yds

Par 4, 461 yards. Long straight par four could post challenges for players lacking distance. A good tee shot will leave a mid- iron to the oversized green on this number one handicap hole. Following one of the courses themes the green is bunkered on the left and right side, be careful on approach shot to green with mid-iron as green has tendency to slide balls off of the back. Par is a great score here.
CCC - Hole 5 | Par 3
Blue White Gold Red
176 yds 138 yds 127 yds 127 yds

Par 3, 176 yards. Slightly elevated tee shot to an oversized green sloping back to front with bunkers on each side and a lake 50 yards to the front right of the green. Be careful putting from back to front as false front could leave you walking away with a bogey. Check the wind and pin placement.
CCC - Hole 6 | Par 4
Blue White Gold Red
387 yds 375 yds 368 yds 323 yds

Par 4, 387 Yards. Dogleg left with a generous fairway, bad miss left our right makes it impossible to get to green in two. Good tee shot leaves a great opportunity to walk away with a red number. Green is fairly flat with to large bunkers on each side. Keep it in the short grass and walk away with birdie!
CCC - Hole 7 | Par 4
Blue White Gold Red
359 yds 353 yds 342 yds 342 yds

Par 4, 359 yards. Short but tough dogleg left, tree-lined fairway with bunkers on the left side. Good tee shot will leave you with a tough approach shot, where a shot too long or short could result in a third shot out of a bunker.
CCC - Hole 8 | Par 4
Blue White Gold Red
381 yds 356 yds 339 yds 339 yds

Par 4, 381 yards. This uphill par 4 can play much longer when wind is blowing into tee shot. Slight dog leg right with two fairway bunkers. A good tee shot will leave a mid- iron for shorter players and a short iron for longer players. Extremely well bunkered hole will make any approach from the right side of the fairway a nightmare. With OB left and tree line left, play conservative, get your par and get out!
CCC - Hole 9 | Par 5
Blue White Gold Red
501 yds 487 yds 478 yds 478 yds

Par 5, 501 yards. Uphill par 5 with second shot into the wind. Longer players that can land onto second level of fairway will have a shot at eagle. For others this is a 3- shot hole to slightly elevated green. Large bunkers surround the green, birdie chances become extremely hard to come by on the back so take advantage of this par 5.
CCC - Hole 10 | Par 3
Blue White Gold Red
167 yds 152 yds 129 yds 129 yds

Par 3, 167 yards. Our signature hole at California country club, our number ten gives a beautiful view of the golf course and the San Gabriel Mountains. Fairly easy par three, downhill with the wind at your back should have you hitting short iron into the green. Green is fairly large with a lake to the left and bunkers right, OB to the far left and OB to the far right.
CCC - Hole 11 | Par 5
Blue White Gold Red
567 yds 555 yds 545 yds 545 yds

Par 5, 567 yards. California cc's last 8- hole stretch is known for putting a lot of black numbers on the scorecard. It only leaves two realistic birdie chances on 15 and 16. With that being said Starting you off on your long and tough 8- hole stretch is the Lengthy 3- shot par 5. Straight forward tee shot into a well bunkered generally flat green. Fairway bunkers to the 280 yards to the right could cause problems for longer hitters.
CCC - Hole 12 | Par 4
Blue White Gold Red
417 yds 401 yds 382 yds 351 yds

Par 4, 417 yards. Straight tree-lined fairway with lots of trouble to right and left. This hole always plays into a strong wind, so be sure to club up or you will be playing this hole as a 3- shot par four. Par is a very good score here.
CCC - Hole 13 | Par 4
Blue White Gold Red
454 yds 444 yds 438 yds 438 yds

Par 4, 454 yards. Long straight tee shot with tree lines to the right, second shot will be to a small green with large bunker to the left. Green is generally flat but slides mid iron shots off of the back of the green.
CCC - Hole 14 | Par 4
Blue White Gold Red
427 yds 411 yds 372 yds 372 yds

Par 4, 427 yards. Tee shot plays into wind on this slight dogleg right. Trees line the right side of fairway but opens up a bit on the left side. Second shot will play a bit longer to elevated green with severe slopes on right side of green and false front. Green also has 3 large bunkers surrounding it. No room for error on approach shot.
CCC - Hole 15 | Par 4
Blue White Gold Red
337 yds 317 yds 297 yds 297 yds

Par 4, 337 yards. Short par 4 redemption hole. Fairway doglegs to the right a bit but a good tee shot will leave you a short approach to a large green with a front green side bunker. Take advantage of this hole to make up for any mistakes on previous holes.
CCC - Hole 16 | Par 5
Blue White Gold Red
480 yds 468 yds 461 yds 409 yds

Par 5, 480 yards. Easy slight dogleg right, longer hitters will have no problem getting on in two. Green is large and slightly elevated but generally flat. Good scoring hole.
CCC - Hole 17 | Par 3
Blue White Gold Red
214 yds 186 yds 170 yds 170 yds

Par 3, 214 yards. Long tough par three, plays long with wind blowing into shot so be sure to club up. Green is generally flat with bunkers on left and right. Straightforward long par 3.
CCC - Hole 18 | Par 4
Blue White Gold Red
463 yds 452 yds 409 yds 387 yds

Par 4, 463 yards. Our finishing par four. Undulating dog leg right. One of most demanding tee shots. Miss the fairway here and you are looking at a 3 shot par four, green is large with bunkers to the left right and back, beautiful finishing hole. Par is a great score here.